Monday, 25 June 2012

Olympus - XA2

I just got the negatives back from the lab in time to do this post before moving back to Brazil. I've always heard about how good the Olympus XA series cameras are so I decided to get one and try for myself. 

There are a few similarities between the Lomo LC-A and the Olympus XA series, they both are great pocket cameras and have amazing lens able to produce really sharp images.

What differs the Lomo from the XA it's mostly the price, you can pick up an Olympus on ebay for a real bargain comparing to the overpriced Lomo available on the market. Other than that they're both great automatic cameras to leave on you bag at all time ready to be used.

The Olympus gave me perfect results with no blurry edges or vignetting, a great simple camera perfect for street photography.

A photographs were taken using Fuji Superia 100 ISO

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Mike said...

Very nice use of that nice little camera. I need to try some 100-speed film, I see.

I look forward to your reports from Brasil.