Monday, 28 May 2012

Ilford Glass Plates

I got hold of a few boxes of Ilford Glass Dry Plates in very good condition, they have no expire date but according to the Early Photography website it dates  back 1950's.

I've run a test to find out how sensitive the plates still were after all this years and I had a good result at 20 seconds f/4.6 in sunlight.

They came out slightly over exposured, the sun was probably stronger in the Park but it was not difficult to adjust the levels in Photoshop. Considering I didn't have much image recorded on the first test plate I'm quite pleased with the final results.

I've used my Combi Plan tank to process and because the plates are smaller than the 4x5 sheet film, I could use 600ml of chemicals instead the usual full tank. I used a solution of 1:50 Rodinal / 15 minutes normal agitation.

 The shots were taken using my Voigtlander Avus plate camera.


Robert Gould said...

Wow so cool- I did not know that glass plates were made that late (1950)s. I would like to try using liquid light to coat some glass plates. But i need to find some holders for 4X5 that will take the thicker plates. I see that you were able to get around this. I hope you get some more shots.

Victor Aranda said...

Me gustan los resultados que has obtenido volviendo a los años heroicos de la fotografía.
Saludos desde España