Tuesday, 11 June 2013

More Caffenol results

For this time I've used some 60's expired Ilford Cine Film and my pinhole camera. The test came out much better than the previous caffenol results I had... I guess I'm getting used to the recipe! 

Here's what I've done for this time, In the given order I've diluted each ingredient in water for a 350ml solution:

19g - Washing Soda
05g - Vitamin C
03g - Iodized Salt
14g - Walmart own brand instant coffee

I let the solution with 20 degrees but I have to remember next time do at 17, this is because when you add the washing soda the solution increases 3 degrees.

I processed de film for 15 minutes gently agitating continuously for the first 30 seconds, then 3x every minute.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

First ever Caffenol processing

My very first Caffenol processing experience came out just ok, but considering I was using a Olympus Trip camera indoors with no flash I guess I was lucky to get something to post.

The film is Kodak B&W 400 C41 processing.

My recipe for 350ml of water was:

15g - Instant Coffee (Walmart own brand)
08g   - Washing Soda
08g   - Vitamin C

I then let it fix overnight using a solution of 52.5g of Sodium Thiosulfate (15g per 100ml of water)