Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Rolleicord Camera

I really have a thing for TLR cameras. I love composing the picture on the big viewfinder, there's a sense of freedom when you don't have to squeeze one of your eyes behind a camera to take  pictures ( well... a bit like using a compact digital camera isn't it ?)... and let's not forget the square format which is also one of the greatest features on this type of the camera.

Rolleicords were made by Franke & Heidecke, the German company that produces the legendary Rolleiflex. They were made to be  simpler and less expensive, an estrategy at that time to attract the amateur photographer  who couldn't afford the Rolleiflex but wanted a high-quality camera.

The one above is from the late 30's and the resulting pictures below were taken using the Kodak Tri-x 400 Pan expired in 1968, it was then processed with Rodinal 1:50/10 minutes with 5 minutes pre-wash. 

The film and camera are still looking very good after all these years...

Sunday, 13 November 2011

From inside the car - Lomo LC-A

One of the few good things when I'm not driving is that I can sit comfortably on the passenger's seat and enjoy the city view without the worry of crashing in someone else's car...

Since my driving license is expired I had no choice but enjoy a good ride, in my case with a good point and shoot camera in hands all the time.

These pictures were taken the last time I went to Sao Paulo using my Lomo LC-A loaded with an expired Fuji Superia 100 ISO

The film haven't lost the ability to produce excellent colours but I found the negatives a bit more granier than normal, some photoshop adjustments were required.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Found Film - Kodak Cresta Camera

Very first time this ever happened to me... I've found a half exposed film inside my newly acquired Kodak Cresta camera! 
Overall, the camera is really clean and  the film was probably the only one ever used...

I was very curious of what could've been photographed with the camera...and here they are!


It looks like it was a nice day out in family picking up some oysters...

Well... after some 50 years or so it was down to me to finish with the film...
Comparing to the family snaps my shots came out underexposed even though the sun was shining, quite strange because it looks like the weather was pretty bad at that time on the beach …

Since there are no settings on the camera and all the pictures were processed together I wonder why this could happen. Does the image once recorded on film keeps better preserved than the unexposed film itself ?

The film is the Kodak Verichrome and it was processed using Rodinal 10 minutes /1:50 dilution.