Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Tru-View Diana Clone

I've traded my KitKat camera for this! a Tru-View Diana clone. I thought it would be better having something that I'd use, besides the person who I traded could do a better use of the Kit Kat camera as he's a collector of promo cameras. He even send me a weird Ukrainian B&W 120 film which I love it ! I have no idea of the expiry date but that makes the chalenge more exciting. All I know is that the film is not really old as it has a plastic spool, most of the films from 60's and early 70's I believe had a metal spool (the Kodak 127 I last processed was dating 1980 and had a metal spool). The funny thing is that the film is rated ISO 64 !! I mean why 64 ? could be 50 or even 65 but 64 ? amazing...
Anyway, I'll post the results as soon as I get them, now I have to decide what camera to use the film.