Saturday, 24 January 2009

Beirette Pinhole Camera

This is the Beirette camera that arrived faulty, I thought it would be less hassle to do something with it than send it back to the seller ( he didn't believe it was faulty and just gave me a partial refund...). Anyway, I bought another Beirette and with the body of the faulty one I built the "Pinrette".

I basically took the lens and shutter out and placed a black piece of cardborad where the lens used to be, with the pinhole of course. I used the pinhole camera design site in order to get the focal lengh and angle of view desired, the rest is intuition.

I spent a roll of Kodak 125 Plus X trying different exposures and I'm happy with the first results, these ones were about 4 seconds exposure. The pictures are boring as they were taken from my window but I quite like the wide angle and the soft focus.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

TTV Photography

These are my first attempts to do TTV Photography which is basically shooting with a digital camera through the viewfinder of an old camera with a very large viewfinder. For these shots I used a Kodak Duaflex II but there are other several models available perfect to try this. You'll need something to block the light so you get a clear image on the viewfider, I did one using this as a model: and a digital camera with a macro lens, you can also have a lens fitted with a close-up filter.

The Kodak Duaflex II have a great viewfinder...

You'll might drag a bit of attention using this on the streets...