Thursday, 19 August 2010

Magic Lantern / Petzval Lens

More results using the Magic Lantern lens, this time I decided using 4x5 negatives instead of roll film. I still haven't figured out a way of using this lens outdoors due to the fact that there's no shutter or F stops to control the amount of light.

I guess I could use waterhouse stops to do that but it could take the whole effect away, another option would be adding ND filters in combination with a very slow film. A friend at filmwasters also suggested me the Harman direct positive paper which is ISO 3 and I guess that could work...

For these indoor shots the exposure time were between 4 and 6 seconds. The film is Ilford Delta 100 ISO 4x5 and processed with Rodinal 1:100 dilution, one hour stand development.