Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Hand-Coloured Photographs – My Family Album

I have been going through my mum's photobox for the first time since I left London. I've decided to digitalize the very old and the most important ones to start just in case they get damaged or lost but my plan is to add more with time. I intend to post these copies onto a website and make them “safe” somewhere like flickr, photobucket etc. Going through this box of photographs is something I've been doing since my childhood and it will be sad if one day they disapear.

So while going through the box I've found some copies where the images were hand-tinted. I had completely forgotten about these photos after all these years... and this is a photographic technique I've learnt while living in London which I really like. I've been buying old photographs and hand-colouring them for quite sometime so to me it was a kind of surprise to find few examples within my own family album.

My mum's photo of her First Communion...

My father and my mum below ...

... and this is me.
The most interesting one is my grandparent's portrait. This photo is about 8x10 and is heavily coloured, a style very known in Brazil through Mestre Júlio Santos.