Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Sinomax Diana Clone

Another great ebay found, this Diana clone is in almost mint condition. The camera is complete including the instructions, original metal spool and an interensting little piece of paper inside with a number 7(pictured),  some sort of code used by the factory.

I thought the results somehow came out darker than I usually get with my other Diana cameras. I normaly use 100 ISO but I think I'll have to use 400 ISO next time or try using the cloudy setting. I'm also happy with the lens effect although I think the vignetting is more than I normaly get with my other toy cameras.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Tru-View Diana Clone

My first results with my Tru-View Diana clone was much better than I expected, the lens has a very soft focus effect and slightly sharp in the middle. It was the perfect combination with the Ilford HP5 400 ISO for a cloudy day in Cornwall and definitely added some atmosphere to the shots, my only regret was to take just one roll with it! I wasn't sure how the pictures would come out as it was my first time using the camera. It was the first time as well I used with the kitchen sponge placed where the film goes to make it tight, just like the Holga cameras. I'll be doing this in all my Dianas, specially de lomography ones where the film gets losen easily.