Monday, 28 March 2011

Wephota Film

A long time ago I shot this film using my Voigtlander Avus camera with some degree of success. The film had to be "glued" in a piece of board with honey and then inserted in the dark slides to be exposed. This is because the film is smaller and obviously much thinner than the original plates in which the camera was designed to take.

This time I have come up with a better solution, I made some "envelopes" from cardboard  with a window. All I have to do is slide the film in this envelope and then insert the whole envelope inside the dark slides. 

The pictures came out well but with loads of spots and I had to spend quite some time cleaning in Photoshop. I believe the spots are either due to the air bubbles from the stand development or the anti-halation layer that wasn't properly washed away. It can also be specs from inside the dark slides, after all they're nearly 100 years old.

The last picture was processed in Rodinal 1:50 normal development, all other pictures were done using stand development, this time I used the 1:200 ratio/two hours stand development with agitation only for the first minute.

And after some cleaning with photoshop...

The details are quite good for such an old lens ...

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Svema Film

I have a couple of expired Svema film I've been given few years ago when trading a camera and I decided to use one of them with my Holga, the film is slow speed (64ISO) and It was made in the former USSR .

Since I don't have much control over the Holga camera I had to chose a bright sunny day to photograph. The result however showed that the picture could have been easily taken at nigth! 

These are the only two frames I could scan from the entire roll.

Processed with Rodinal 1:100 1 hour stand development.

If you ever come across with one of those I recommend having a sellotape in you bag. Once you've finished with the film there's no tape to seal the roll (not on these at least...), I was lucky I took the film out of the camera at home...