Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Svema Film

I have a couple of expired Svema film I've been given few years ago when trading a camera and I decided to use one of them with my Holga, the film is slow speed (64ISO) and It was made in the former USSR .

Since I don't have much control over the Holga camera I had to chose a bright sunny day to photograph. The result however showed that the picture could have been easily taken at nigth! 

These are the only two frames I could scan from the entire roll.

Processed with Rodinal 1:100 1 hour stand development.

If you ever come across with one of those I recommend having a sellotape in you bag. Once you've finished with the film there's no tape to seal the roll (not on these at least...), I was lucky I took the film out of the camera at home...


julien hakym said...

Wow I just loveee the 1st pic! the trees of darkness kinda..beautiful!

Sy's Prints said...

Love your work, london shots are awesome

Sarah Joanne French said...

Really love your blog! I hate it when 120 film doesn't have a seal at the end.. last time I was lucky enough to have chewing gum!