Sunday, 26 July 2009

More Hand - Coloured Photographs

Some other results with my hand-coloured experiment.

The picture below is my first mistake... the oil I use to moist the surface before applying the pencils soaked the picture and left quite a few marks, interestingly the spots were visible only on the day after. On top of that, I though I'd try fixing the colours with the polaroid "squedge" emulsion that comes with the 55 type film but the fixer not only vanished the colours away but also left more marks .

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Hand - Coloured Photographs

Not a long time ago I found on ebay a nice old colour kit to be used in B&W photographs in very good condition. The box has everything, even the original cotton to apply the oil onto the picture was there!  

So today I finally decided to use it, I went to the antique market close by and bought about five old photogrpahs to try the kit and here are the first results.  


My first impression is that the colours works better on brighter pictures. The picture with the man is a bit too dark when scanned but looks much better on the original.


And here's the Kit... It's called Lakeland Fotocol, on the top of the box it's written "To Sally, with love from auntie Mary and uncle Ron , 1958".