Friday, 21 September 2012

Agfa ISO Rapid and Ilford Cine Film

Some results with a very expired 1961 Ilford Cine Film shot with my Agfa ISO Rapid camera. The film is loaded by hand in total darkness inside the Rapid Cartridge system as this type of films aren't available in the market anymore.

This film is isn't sharp at all and it has a much thicker layer of anti-halation. Note the difference on the  picture below, it was taken using the Fuji Neopan Across 100.

I've previously tested the Ilford Cine film using  three  different ISO rates in order to show me what would be the best setting to shoot since the film has no indication of film speed on the tin. 

I shot the same picture using 25, 50 and 100 ISO and  the results can be seen on the  slices I zoomed in of each frame. I'm using the 50 ISO as a starting point whenever I'm using this film.