Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Hand - Coloured Photographs - Johnson's Baby Oil Test

I'm running low of the original oil that came together with my old Lakeland Fotocol kit so I decided to do some tests using another type of oil and on the photograph below I used the "Johnson's Baby Oil", which can be easily found in any supermarket or drugstores.

After rubbing a bit of the product onto the paper's surface I felt it was quite easy to apply the pencils, and the colour effect given is exactly the same as when using the original oil. The only thing It has to be considered for the next time is not to soak too much the surface as this particular oil is thinner.

Looking closer to this photograph you can also see the oil marks that penetrated on the paper, I'm not really concerned about that since I had the same problems before using the original oil, I believe this is more a paper issue rather than the liquid applied but for sure I'll be doing some more tests.

The photographs below were done by applying the original oil from the kit.