Thursday, 16 April 2015

Cyanotypes from digital negatives

I've just set up a bulk ink system on my cheap Epson printer because I was fed up on spending so much money on cartridges. The conversion is relative simple to make and the guys from the shop repair said that sometimes it can be done while you wait. 

Once I got my printer running, I decided to print some digital negatives so I can make a few alternative process. The task isn't really easy when it comes to cheap inkjet printers... although the costs of my prints has been reduced drastically, having a bulk system which is not from the same manufacturer means that you can't easily make a color profile. I'm having a really hard time printing in black in my case, all my prints are coming with a dark blue tone.

I've decided to try some cyanotypes couple of days ago and they came out ok... I've lost some details on the highlights and the prints had to be left in a solution of 5% hydrogen peroxide (10% volume). 

All prints were made on Hahnemuhle proof paper with a solution of 3% gelatin (leaf) average 5 - 8 minutes on artificial UV light.

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James Harr said...

Beautiful prints Mauricio. Thanks for sharing. I have had mixed results with putting bulk ink systems on Epson printers. I hope you have good luck with it.