Monday, 11 March 2013

Ilford Cine Film - Lomo LC-A

I've scanned a few more negatives from the Ilford Cine film I bought some time ago, this time the images were taken using my Lomo LC-A camera as I have previously used this film in my Rolleiflex  (results can be seen here: Expired Ilford).

The film was made in the 60's and there was no much information about ISO so I decided to run a little test and try to find out.

I've magnified the same part of the image in each negative  taken with three different speeds as shown here...

The strangest thing I noticed by doing this test is the fact that as the higher is the ISO the sharper are the images. My colleague Peter pointed out an article from the Society of Photographic Scientists and Engineers (SPSE) Handbook: "For the thicker emulsion..., the exposure appears to penetrate more deeply into the emulsion with increasing exposure level. As a result, the more heavily exposed image should not only be more degraded but also be more effected by halation. Most modern thin emulsions show little of this effect".  

This particular film is very thick and the article may explain the reason I got these results, nevertheless I've been enjoying shooting with the film and next time I'll try some in one of my pinhole cameras.

All pictures taken with the Lomo LC-A and processed with Rodinal.

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