Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Carandiru Massacre - Twenty years on

Back In November 2002 I had the opportunity to visit what once was the largest prison in South America. The Carandiru prison was located in Sao Paulo Brazil and was built to held 500 inmates when opened in the 50’s, but had about 7.000 until its final days.

It was the site of the Carandiru Massacre in October 1992 where at least 111 prisoners were killed by police after a riot broke out in the 9th Pavilion, although witnesses claims that around 300 were killed on that day.

In December the 9th 2002 the complex was demolished to become a youth park, it was open to the public weeks before so thousands of people could had the chance to get inside of the several pavilions, although the 9th was closed.

All pictures were taken with my Rolleiflex SL35 and captures the site as it was right after the prisoners were reallocated to a new building. It was a bit like a war zone, there were personal objects and clothes all around, almost as if the site had been suddenly evacuated.


sónia silva said...

Maurício que oportunidade fantástica que tiveste. Algumas fotos estão brutais e nem quero imaginar a sensação que deves ter tido por caminhar entre aquelas paredes. Não fazia ideia de que a prisão tinha sido demolida e o local transformado em parque.

lofi documentary photography said...

Thank you, heavy pics and well documented.