Friday, 9 March 2012

The Carnival is over

For many years, whenever I go back to Sao Paulo I always drive by few sites where they keep discarded carnival floats,  I've always thought that one day I could stop by... walk around and take some photographs.

So last year I finally decided to do...  and there I met Jose Carlos (the guy on the picture), which after chatting for a few minutes he kindly gave me permission to photograph the area. He explained me that he looks after the site and work as well on recycling the puppets' structure to be used on the following carnival, in fact he was working on this year's one that it's gone.
I had my Debonair Diana Clone loaded with some Fuji Astia and my Holga with some Fuji Neopan, unfortunately the heat melt the sponge inside my Holga and I had all the films really fat, in addtion to that I didn't compensate enough for the red filter I was using and as a result quite few shots came underexposed with too much light leak.

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