Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Ilford Cine Negative Film

After a long break I'm back in London and working in some of the films I shot while on holidays. From all the films I have used, the one I was most curious to process in particular is  the Ilford Cine Negative Film 35mm made in the 60's.

It's a  bulk roll  film and it comes on a tin containing 200 feet, you need a bulk film loader and some empty cassetes to load the film inside.

I had done some tests before I went on holidays only to find out the film speed since is not labelled on the tin, by the results I had it looks like it's around 100 ISO or maybe a bit slower.

Like the 4x5 film mentioned on my previous post this one also came vac sealed, it was in fact bought from the same seller and I had excellent results with them so I was expecting the same sort of quality.

And here are some of the results... they're taken with my Rolleiflex 35SL and processed with Rodinal 1:200 dilution / 2 hours stand development.

I've compensated one or two stops on my camera since the film is 50 years old expired.

The result are  a bit grainy and  you can see that especially on large plain areas like the sky, but this is  expected for such old film...

It also got scratched  leaving  some bad horizontal lines all over the frames, it probably happended inside the canister... not so sure but at some point it was quite hard to wind  the camera lever as the film would not run properly at the point of breaking inside the camera, I'll try loading 24 frames next time to make it smoother instead of 36.

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