Monday, 10 May 2010

Hand - Coloured Photographs

Another trip to my local antique market and I found some more old photographs to add some colours.

Not all of them were matt and my colour pencils does not work on glossy paper, but there were so many interesting ones that I ended buying them anyway... after few hours I manage doing these ones:

I had this happened again... the oil used before I apply the pencils penetrated in the paper and left these awful marks.

I can't really do anything with this picture below since it has a glossy finish, the reason I bought it's because it looks so similar to the Echo & the Bunnymen's record cover "Flowers".

I've looked on the sleeve notes and it's written "Original cover photograph courtesy of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin".


Ariel said...

This is a grate place. Congratulations.

s h u t t e r . d u s t said...

really love the tints on the photographs..i've tried doing some myself..didn't work out very