Monday, 30 November 2009

Beirette Camera

The Beirette is a cheap plastic 35mm camera made in East Germany by Beier. Several models were made between 50's and 80's, this particular model is from the 70's and comes with a very nice fake leather case. It has the same weather system similar to the Lomo Smena, all you have to do is select the apropriate weather symbol, focus and shoot. The lens is a Meritar and the focus is measured in feet, aperture range from 2.8 to 22 (unless you have a hand held meter you won't be looking at this...). The shutter speed is selected accordingly with the film speed like the Smena. It also has a B setting, tripod mount and cable release socket. The results are ok, nothing really impressive...although I have to say that the film was expired and the negs were scanned at Boots! but overall is a fun camera to play and I really like the design.

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