Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Zenit 12XP

This is my very first SLR camera I bought many years ago... the Zenit 12XP is a very bulky and solid Russian camera able to prooduce amazing good quality pictures. That's because like many other Russian cameras, the lens are razor sharp without paying the price of a top lens. Unfortunately, a poor metering system and the lak of slow speeds makes the Zenith a not so "every ocasion" camera. With only B, 30, 60, 125, 250, 500 speeds available it can be a let down camera when photographing low light or scenes or, where a faster shutter speed is required like sports scenes.

The metering system works with two red leds instead of the usual needle that most of SLR cameras, for these shots though I've used my hand held meter as I don't think that after all this years it would be still accurate.


Aveen said...

That bottom photo is really familiar. It's not a building near a playing field in Hackney Marshes by any chance, is it?

Love the camera, I really fancy one of those old Russian SLRs to add to our camera shelf.

Davide Tambuchi said...

Zenit are great caneras! And Helis 58/2 is a very interesting lens, with interesting tones!