Saturday, 4 April 2009

Gevalux 144 Camera

Here's my latest toy: the Gevalux 144. This beauty arrived complete with case, flash unit, instructions and even a "Eveready" 60's battery ! The problem is that the camera takes the 127 film which can be very expensive. I'm sure I'll be able to fit a 35mm film inside so watch this space for more tests.
Luckily I had a 127 film I got from ebay some time ago, the only issue to deal was that the film expired in 1980!

The film was processed with Rodinal Especial at 1:50 rate and the recommended developing time was increased from 10 to 14 minutes. The results are pretty good considering the film is almost 30 years old !


Dave said...

Those photos are amazing!

Katie said...

Hey, I recently bought one of these Cameras from a museum in Wales for £2, with the attention of getting it working again. It came with a large round two pin flash- but with no bulb. I'm wondering if I'd be able to get a new flash for it but have no idea where to start. Did the flash that came with yours have a brand name on it? Thanks

Mauricio Sapata said...

Hi Katie...
You paid a really good price for such cool camera;)
The flash on mine doesn't have any brand but I guess it's also from Gevalux.
You might have to search on ebay for the bulbs ( i guess the bulbs can be used oly once) and see if the flash still works... looking foward to see the results!