Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Diana+ B&W film

This is the first time I've used my Diana+ with a B&W film (in fact I'd never used B&W film in any of my Dianas before...) and the results are fine, but I'll stick to the colour film when using Dianas next time. Ok... maybe the subject wasn't really appropriate as snow is a bit tricky to photograph but I believe my Holga would've gave me better results.


Lexi said...

Are you kidding...I think these photo's in b&w are GORGEOUS!!!! Love them!!

Magnolia said...

At first you had me worried when you said that B&W wasn't as good with colour on a Diana. I just got my first two rolls of Diana film developed, and they're B&W. I haven't seen them yet, but from the looks of yours I think they'll turn out fantastic. Your photography is absolutely Brilliant!