Monday, 3 November 2008

Diana 35mm adapter

I had a few people asking me how I used 35mm film on my Diana camera. It's a bit of hassle but definitely worth doing! (or you can pay to have the new Diana 35mm back...)   

Basicaly, all you have to do is to cut both edges of a 120 spool and glue them on the 35mm spool... that's it!  You can do that for any other camera as well as long as you measure where the film is going to be fit. The spool also fit my Lubitel 166B.


skeeve said...

hello, found your blog by accident, love the book! I hope you keep this going because I know a lot of people that are into rough camera and your work is really good.

Sydni R. said...

wow! that is very smart! but when you are at the end, what do you do? do you have some way you are winding it back up or are you removing the film in the darkroom? I got ripped of on ebay not to long ago thinking I was buying the 35mm back and instead i got a round piece of metal. glad to know it is still possible without this random contraption or the adaptor that is the same price as the camera.

Jennifer said...

That is something I will definitely try. Thank you! (Am also following you, because anyone who is into middleformat and low-fi cameras needs to be read :-) )